Once again, Rado becomes a part of the Switzerland's most anticipated tennis tournament as the Official Timekeeper in the Swiss Indoors Basel. Some partnerships are worth keeping; this marks the brand's third year in collaboration with this prided tennis institution. It is no surprise that Rado keeps up with the action by presenting a perfect timepiece for the occasion.

Above all else, Rado's relationship with the sport can be traced back in decades. The brand has been the official timekeeper for a series of professional tennis tournaments, held in major cities around the globe. This has become the main reason why the brand has chosen to unleash the Hyperchrome Match Point; a tennis-inspired timepiece that showcases Rado's brillance in design and materials, plus some obvious outtakes to the great heritage of the sport. Any fan would discern the subtle elements derived from the sport itself; here is an oversized chronograph subdials, wrapped inside a beautifully black main dial. Everything is enclosed in an engraved tachymeter bezel, showcasing a strong athletic virtue, handsomely built for the dynamics of the fast-paced sport. But Rado did not hold back in the design; the brand used an eye-catching ceramic case paired with a bracelet to thoroughly catch one's attention from the wearer to his wrist.

Why ceramic? The reasons are nothing but satisfying. Ceramic is a beautifully tough material, lightweight and polished, yet it bears another feature everyone would love: it is scratch resistant. Rado pieces are meant to look crisp and new, not wearing any corrosion or scratch as with the case of traditional materials.

Hyperchrome bears a luxurious look with its deep gray and silver tones, giving the matte finishing a perfect item to pair with any sportswear, as well as any casual attires. Perhaps it is when you look closer that you will notice the dainty reference on tennis. See the seconds subdial, marked at 00, 15 and 40. At the minute counter at 30 reflects the points of the game. Last but not least, the chronograph hours found at the 6 o'clock aperture is decorated with a mesh net motif. What could not be obvious?

Breathtaking. The deep colors, the polished plasma links and the gorgeous ceramic material; all these are meant for the winners at life, and at sports. Only 999 pieces of these are available in the market, each individually numbered. See this as the star of the Swiss Indoors Basel, with about 9000 spectators and the world's best tennis players come together in celebrating the thrill of sports and victory all in one place.