Feast your eyes into this new spectacle. The Rado Ceramica has been known for being a minimalist design icon with its striking linear form and artisan use of innovative ceramic elements. Now, the watch is given new life, thanks to the hands of the industrial designer Konstantin Grcic. With this modern new twist, one of Rado's beloved ceramic watches has been reinterpreted while staying true to the strong geometric form which made the original a cherished classic.

The new Ceramica is made for the purist. Its modern aesthetics comes with high-tech ceramic innovations that makes it perfect for men and women alike. And just like the original from which it was helmed, the watch contemplates linear silhouettes and gently curved edges, taking a play at a stunning visual geometry paired with Grcic's fresh vision. A masterful harmony of form and function emerges, all of which are present in the upcoming new models of the present-day Ceramica series.

Precision is reimagined in this crisp, new gentlemen's model from Ceramica. This collection has been formerly known for its high gloss façade, something which stuns the eye with an enthralling fluidity caused by the light cast on the smooth material. Newer models from Grcic, it must be noted, stands out with a remarkable, velvety matt finish. It is now paired with a beautiful typography on the dial; Grcic made it bold and legible, allowing the matt texture to bring out a stronger charm from the watch. The result: clear and straightforward graphics with monochrome appeal that will definitely suit those who likes it clean and basic.

Ceramica is crafted from a material loved by artisan watchmakers for its exceptional attributes. Grcic fondly attests to that, taking note that materials are the key to a watch's luxury. Lighter than stainless steel, ceramic presents a more pleasant feeling when worn. The coldness of steel is tempered into a warm embrace in the wrist, thanks to the luxurious matt sensation of the bracelet. It is also scratch resistant, reducing the unwanted blemishes caused by friction.

Simple, straightforward, and delicately stunning, the new models of Ceramica still follows through the tradition of its predecessor, yet still evokes an urban chic beauty which can be smartly worn on all occasions. The high-end precision and the thought poured into this watch makes the latest offerings excitingly phenomenal, thanks to Grcic's vision, and the marvelous inspiration from the classic watches of Rado. With this gift, older classics are given new takes to suit the desires and demands of the modern times, but still keeping the original vision alive and beating.