Precision by Rolex – predicting the unpredictable

Precision is not just a matter of watchmaking mechanics. Equally, it involves human “mechanics”. Beyond the design, manufacture of all watch parts, our superlative precision stems from a fine grasp of those who wear our product. They come in many different forms, with subtle particularities. But whether they are sedate or sprightly, whether they wear it loose or fitted, whether they are desk-bound or inclined to face nature’s extremes, their variable activity is a science we strive to master. From the outset, we have continually honed each and every one of our crafts in order to accommodate the movement of any wrist. Whether it be a rigorous one, moving to the pace of the everyday, or one that is still and calm, the watch must endure them all, no matter the position. It is by observing, understanding and reproducing all these behaviours in our laboratory that we are able to guarantee that our timepieces move impeccably, no matter how the wrist it adorns does. Hence why “predicting the unpredictable” has always been the guiding principle of our perpetual quest for precision. Discover more
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Burberry Winter 2024 #Burberry

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L'Âge Dior – Épisode 6 – Maria Grazia Chiuri

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Arriving at the #GucciFW24 show during #MFW

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Rolex Submariner – Deep confidence

The Oyster Perpetual Submariner and Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date, archetypes of the divers’ watch, epitomize the historic link between Rolex and underwater exploration. Discover...