Aurel Bacs and his team of watch specialists require the pleasure of your presence at the Geneva watch auctions Four – including Nec Plus Ultra Patek Philippe ref: 1518.


By Aurel Bacs and Sam Hines

We are very pleased to present Geneva Watch Auction: FOUR

to you, following a most successful auction season in Geneva

and Hong Kong where the world’s collecting elite showed their

enthusiastic support for the fnest watches selected by our

international team of specialists. Once again, the market has

shown that highest quality pieces deserve a premium, but that

such watches are not necessarily out of reach: In both auction

locations, collectors competed for desirable, carefully curated

watches at all price points, starting at less than US $ 5’000. At

the same time, the most beautiful masterpieces we had the

privilege to handle achieved record results, many above US

$ 1’000’000. In fact, since our inaugural sale in May 2015, no

other auction house has sold as many wristwatches above this

magic threshold as Phillips. Furthermore, with considerably

less auctions and watches ofered during the frst six months

of 2016 than any other frm, we are proud to state that Phillips

has achieved the highest combined sales totals. As the current

market leader in watch auctions, we are honored that the

worldwide collector community has resonated with our founding

principles focused equally on quality, scholarship, transparency,

and client service.

We are fully aware that such a position could not have been

achieved without the support of the market and we, on behalf

of the entire international watch department, thank you for the

trust you placed in us. Furthermore and even more importantly,

we fully realize that such a position brings more responsibilities

and we are humbled to face these day by day. It is our sincerest

intention and commitment to keep this growing market for

collectors watches a healthy and transparent one, sharing

scholarship, knowledge and passion with everyone around the

globe. At the same time, we are fully aware that every day, we

continue to learn from other specialists ourselves, and cannot

thank enough all with specifc knowledge in particular felds, who

generously share their opinions with us and allow us to improve

season afer season. We are also encouraged by the many

positive comments and astute recommendations we receive

from our valued clients. To meet their demands, we continue

to invest in our team around the globe and are dedicated

to improving our catalogues, auction sites, and services

surrounding our auctions.

This season is promising to be a particularly exciting one, as you

will realize that it is the frst time that the Geneva team didn’t

produce two auction catalogues. Instead, the Hong Kong team,

ably supported by our international specialists, will present

two auction catalogues as a groundbreaking frst: A dedicated

thematic sale, curated by the world famous Rolex scholar John

Goldberger, with the catalogue produced and published by Pucci

Papaleo, named “ROLEX MILESTONES”. Taking place on 28

November, this exciting theme sale will be followed by the Hong

Kong Watch Auction: THREE the following day on 29 November.

We are absolutely thrilled about the single most important

theme in this catalogue: “1518”. Quite simply, it is the frst time

that any auction house has ever assembled the complete trilogy

of the mythical reference by Patek Philippe, including the rarest

gem of them all: One of the four known examples in stainless

steel! We cannot hide our enthusiasm that, for some of us,

it is now some 20 years that we were longing for the day to

eventually ofer this mythical watch at one of our auctions – and

at long last, November 12th will be the day!

On the other hand, we cannot remember an auction with so

many exciting watches, rich with history and rarity, at estimates

where alternatives could include a subtle home upgrade, a

piece of art, or a motorbike – none of which can be brought with

you wherever you go, or can accompany you faithfully to every

occasion, day or night, indoors or out, at home or abroad.

We are hopeful that you will not hesitate to reach out to us in

case we may be of any assistance during the weeks and days

leading up to our auctions. Should you be able to attend any of

the international exhibitions and auctions in person, we would be

honored to welcome you personally.

 Yours sincerely,

 Aurel Bacs and Sam Hines