Perpétuel, the unique destination for collectors has collaborated with swiss watchmaker, Krayon to become the exclusive global retailer of a 15 limited edition timepieces inspired by the mystical desert.

The uniquely curated 15 limited edition timepieces for Perpétuel will become part of the Krayon’s ‘Anywhere’ collection and is set to feature steel cases, a first ever for the brand, matched with Arabic numerals on the dial. The collection will also reaffirm the company’s aspirations to cater to a wider younger watch enthusiast intrigued by the aesthetics, mechanical and technicalities of timepieces.

The color tones of rusty amber are to shade the strap, inspired by the mystical desert sunsets of the Middle East and set as a perfect match with a predominantly black dial, making it the perfect piece to be worn from day into night. The piece is flawless for both casual and formal wear making it a great choice for self-conscious watch enthusiasts. Known for marrying unique engineering with an aesthetic prowess, Niche watchmaker Remi Maillat, Founder and Creative Director of Krayon commented, “This timeless piece that we have made is nothing short of something very special and I am sure young watch collectors will fall in love with not just the aesthetics, but most certainly for its mechanical and technical complications including the Arabic numerals, a first for us that is spectacular.”

Krayon’s second watchmaking creation, Anywhere, indicates the length of the day and the time at which the sun rises and sets. Krayon’s Anywhere indicates the hours and minutes with dedicated hands, placed in the center of a dial that seems suspended at the heart of the watch.

Melika Yazdjerdi and Hamdan Al Hudaidi

Maillot added, With great accessibility to the watch where it can be bought from anywhere in the world, the longitude can be adjusted as per the client needs.”

Set to change the regional perspective on collecting through education and inspirational experiences, Hamdan Al Hudaidi, Founder and Melika Yazdjerdi, Co-founder of Perpétuel said, “We are thrilled with the partnership with Krayon, which shares our love for the art for watches and its various spectacular complications. The limited edition embodies our promise to present pieces that not only address our client’s needs but also exceed their expectations.”

A neophyte in the watch industry yet innovative and striking, Krayon launched its first creation in 2017 and only 12 months later was awarded the ‘Best Watchmaking Innovation of the Year’ at the 2018 Grand Prix de la Haute Horlogerie, the Oscars of watchmaking.

The masterful innovation at Krayon is spearheaded by Rémi Malliot, who spent seven years in Cartier, developed multiple grand watch complications, including the Astrotourbillon, the mysterious tourbillon, the Rotonde Grande complication with the minute repeater and the perpetual calendar, and the mysterious tourbillon minute repeater.

Made available by appointment only and through Perpétuel, the watch will be delivered December 2021.