Michal Parmigiani describes Parmigiani Kalpa as a treasure: a gold movement installed inside a steel case, as if guarded in a safe, just like the inner riches of a person. It is, he alludes to, a rare beauty which can only be found by those who knew where to look. This precious identity marks the charm of this new model, where true riches are not showcased in a loud, boisterous way, but are hidden discreetly as they are too important to be displayed. Marking the 20th anniversary of the Parmigiany Fleurier, a unique piece was presented, and it goes in contrast to the many eye-catching designs in the market. Here, a solid gold movement was sandwiched inside its middle steel case, hiding the precious detail from the viewer's eye.

This watch was a reflection of a craftsman's vocation: discreet, silent, but attention is paid to every detail, even to the parts which cannot be easily recognized. Such is the mastery of Michel Parmigiani, whose work reflects his intrinsic value woven into great heights of excellence. Called the Kalpa Hebdomadaire Anniversaire, this new piece is shaped from an iconic model dear to the brand's heart. It was derived from the first tonneau shaped watched designed by Parmigiani himself, whose discovery led to establishing the brand's style cods and visual identity. The watch is created in the image of a case which embraces it all throughout, with the movement hoisted with the Maison's flagship calibers—a double barrel mechanism that ensures and 8-day power reserve, coupled with a patented display system. It brings in a plethora of technical features which optimizes its timekeeping ability.

The movement is carved from yellow gold and such concept only proposed an exceptional challenge. Gold, a malleable and ductile of all precious metals, can easily be carved, yet easily be destroyed. Thus, each piece should be completed with precision and accuracy. Working with gold only meant recalibrating the manufacture's machine and checking each cutting parameter.

Another highlight on this piece was the countless hours given by the craftsmen who devoted their time into crafting, cutting, assembling and polishing each piece. One proof is the bridge, which is donned with a dragon wing pattern that forms a stunning connection of detailed strokes. This beautiful movement is entirely in contrast with the simple and understated tan-colored dial, perfectly concealing the vision that hides underneath. There is almost no clue, only the solid gold indices on the dial which subtly invites the users to open the case and admire the treasure hidden silently within.