For Cartier, the important part of savoir-faire is the hyphen between “savoir” and “faire”: the incessant movement between designers and craftsmen, the fruit of a creative dialogue and productive exchanges.

The challenge is to make the panther emerge through the design. Muscles, head, paws and ears: by stylising the detail, the power is released. The design becomes an animal, the panther comes to life for Panthère de Cartier Ring

Panthère de Cartier Ring

The Panthère de Cartier Ring first leapt into the Maison’s aesthetic in 1914. Whilst Louis Cartier was the first to tame the legendary creature, his associate Jeanne Toussaint went on to make magnificent use of the now-iconic feline motif. Since then, the panther, by turns predatory, playful or languid, has revealed different facets of its wild personality from collection to collection.