Switch up the Style of Your Big Bang in Just One Click!

Because a single timepiece will never suffice for the many lives you lead, and because beauty lies in the detail, these shearling One Click cuffs will switch your Big Bang to adventure, pioneering or urban mode in a single click.

Four removable shearling Cuddly Cuffs in brown, camel, blue or black can be fitted on the leather and rubber straps of 39 mm cases. A disruptive vision of Haute Horlogerie that has characterised Hublot‘s approach since it was founded: the bold marriage of materials based on innovation, technology and precision.

Big Bang One Click 39mm Bracelet

Hublot’s patented One Click system allows the strap on iconic Big Bang models with a 39 mm case to be changed in a single click. This ingenious, patented attachment system transforms calibres designed to stand the test of time into must-have accessories to complement any look.