The brand Omega always produces a tug in the heart of many watch fans, curators and connoisseurs. This is of no surprise; the manufacture has always been among the top names when it comes to the most desirable timepieces. Bold, sophisticated, elegantly luxe and excellently constructed, Omega’s creations stand out with their own distinction. And now, one will experience a new thrill as the manufacture releases a new addition to its family of notable watches.

Crafted as a tribute to Omega’s prime tradition of timekeeping in sports, the Olympic Official Timekeeper truly deserves a stage of its own. Straightforward, minus the fuss and frills, this timekeeping devise showcases a clear, bold visual, as well as a powerful movement packed inside its interior. All of an Olympian’s essential is kept inside this beautiful timepiece, elegantly shining in one’s wrist, as if an item magnificently produced by the deities.

It takes a huge amount of confidence to brand a certain watch as the Olympic Official Timekeeper, but Omega truly grasps this notion and boldly grasped this approach without any reservation. Omega, through its years of manufacturing paramount timepieces, has earned the right to do is, especially noting that it has been the official Olympic partner since 1932. There is no doubt that Omega has taken into heart the reality of sports timekeeping, and has evolved its chronograph production with a state-of-the-art technology.

The winning look features a striking white dial with bright blue steel hands. This combination of colors truly gives the Olympic Official Timekeeper a brave good impression. The elegant chronograph apertures also draw the eye, but nothing can be more eye-catching the subtle touches of red. It is the same hue of the brand’s logo in pure, vintage style.

But victory is not for anyone. The Olympic Official Timekeeper is limited to a selected few, wherein only 188 of each watch in the collection will be produced. The beauty is in the rare commodity: the caseback on each timepiece features an illustration of the five iconic rings of the Olympic Games, added with the official badge. A unique number states that this watch is special edition.

All of the three Olympic Official Timekeeper watches are encased in gold. A version of 38mm case is enveloped in 18k white gold, while the other two, in 39mm case editions, are wrapped in either 18k gold or pink gold. Brown leather straps complement the yellow and pink gold watches, while the white gold edition comes with a black leather strap and has a white gold T-Bar and 3-hinged lugs carved in an olive form.