Young and ambitious Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps (MCT) has embarked on a fantastic exhibition of displaying the time in the most extraordinary way. Never taking the current road, the independent brand, who only debuted in the watchmaking scene a decade ago, intends to stamp their legacy onto one's wrist with its genius, unconventional designs. 

It must be noted that MCT watches contain four primary modules, each made of triangular prisms that display three hours. As the minute hand passes through the entire 60-minute mark, the C-shape arc at the centre leaps into a 90-degree, counter-clockwise path to reveal the adjacent prism. It is akin to the guessing game, except that everything is portrayed in a mechanically pleasing way. 

The Sequential 2 S200 follows up what was a rigorous approach to new Haute Horlogerie. In this series, the minute hand makes a full, 360-degree turn. Time indications, in legible over-sized markings, make it easier to read. Thin, modern serifs indicate the brand’s logo on the arc while the intermediate gear holds the dial’s design in place. High, big lugs showcase the MCT flair while the look is finished off with a sapphire crystal ring wrapped around the case band. 

An 18k gold micro-rotor, developed exclusively by MCT, is made to match the leaner design and a thinner movement. High-efficiency gears are installed to preserve energy, avoiding friction and maintain precision for timekeeping. Black movement bridges are perceptible on the back side of the watch, creating a solid contrast against the red gold or white gold theme.

S200’s contemporary aesthetics make it a perfect watch for casual or elegant wear, tickling other watch enthusiasts to stare at its fine architecture. 


•    In-house developed, automatic winding movement with 18K gold micro-rotor

•    Prism hour display

•    360° minute scale

•    44.6 mm in total diameter

•    14.5 mm thickness

•    507 parts with 85 jewels

•    18,000 vph

•    40-hour Power Reserve

•    30-metre Water Resistance

•    18k red gold / white gold case featuring a sapphire ring on the case-band

•    Double hand-stitched Alligator leather

Two versions of the S200 are available in the market: the red gold series with dark dial elements and the white gold series with the light dial.

The MCT S200 retails at $100,000