There’s a cause for celebration as MB&F celebrates its 10th anniversary, by presenting the MB&F HMX (“X” timepiece as a thank you to those who have supported the brand throughout the years. But that’s not all because there’s more to this celebratory timepiece than just a commemoration of MB&F’s decade of excellence.

“A creative adult is a child who survived.” Such is the main mantra and concept behind the 10th year anniversary, celebrating childlike wonder and awe that have managed to survive and persevere through the challenges that adulthood brings. It’s fascinating to know how MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser used to dream of becoming a car designer, even having a collection of sketchbooks full of illustrations. This childhood dream of his has served as the true inspiration behind HMX—a commemorative proof of the creativity and ingenuity of Büsser, from children and surviving well till his adult life.

Without having to go overboard with a complicated technology and an unreasonably high price tag, MB&F is going for an understated style without sacrificing quality craftsmanship that’s true to what the brand represents. This Horological Machine is a real gem for the modern man looking for a sophisticatedly whimsical touch to their ensemble.

Such fruition of Büsser’s dreams is reflective of the lifestyle of a perfect gentleman with a need for speed. Aside from the design being inspired by supercars such as the slick Superleggera style, the four colours available are derived from racing themes—Lotus black, British racing green, Bugatti blue, and Ferrari red. Little boys who loved playing with race cars and had grown into sophisticated men would indeed be drawn to the design and mechanism of the HMX.

The unconventional shape of the HMX case brings about an individual character and edge—something that’s bound to make heads turn and make curious minds intrigued. Everything about this timepiece, its every line, curve, metal, finish, and colour have been carefully refined and improved until it achieved a certain kind of perfection that a commemorative model deserves. It’s not enough to only describe the beauty and depth of the intricacy behind this Horological Machine. And much like how boys are drawn into a toy that would take all of their interest, the HMX being the fruition of one little boy’s dreams is also bound to captivate and enrapture the attention of today’s wise men.

The MB&F HMX retails approximately at $30,000