Fancy a little companion to help you make out the time? Well, the geniuses from MB&F have decided that watches shouldn’t always on one’s wrists; it could also be on your desk. Presenting Sherman, a dandy clockwork friend that reminds one of those animated robots on TV. This version, MB&F notes, doesn’t talk, fight monsters, jump around planets or do house chores, unfortunately.

Sherman’s expertise is time telling, and its makers testify that it does its job well. Among its other features: make one smile, and isn’t that an already valuable gain?

The magic that brought Sherman to life was a vision by Maximilian Büsser, made tangible through the hands of was L’Epée 1839, Switzerland’s specialised high-end clock manufacture. With this collaboration, the two intelligent makers successfully birthed a tank-treaded table clock, complete with its winding accessories.

But if one would assume this is a toy, think again; Sherman is a modern clock with a brilliant movement and exceptional physique. His make is composed of a mainspring barrel bridge made to support the tracks, movement spacers which appear to be shoulders for his arms, and his non-winking eyes are actually bolt heads that supports the regulator. There are movement plates and bridges which represent its whole skeleton.

Up in the head is a transparent mineral glass dome which showcases the mechanical brain–which in fact, is the regulator that manages the robot’s time-telling precision. The movement of the complication makes one imagine how robots “think”.

Sherman’s hands are actually holders, and it can easily guard small but special artefacts, like a key or a pen. And for those boring office moments, you can let Sherman cheer you up in an imaginative play, letting its legs tread on your note-filled environment. Sherman’s mechanics are based on an in-line eight-day movement by L’Epée 1839, which offers more than enough time of accurate hours before he demands rewinding.


  • L’Epée in-house designed movement
  • 2.5 Hz Frequency
  • 8-day Power Reserve
  • 148 components, 17 jewels
  • Incabloc shock protection system
  • Hours & minutes function
  • Dimensions: 143 mm tall x 109 mm wide x 80 mm deep
  • Weight: 0.9 kg

Sherman will be available in two versions: the palladium plated series and the yellow-gold plated series. Each comes in 200 pieces.