MB&F first debuted its Legacy Machine Perpetual in 2015, bearing designs in red gold and platinum editions. In 2016, the brand unveils this model in two new constructions, both in limited, white gold series, featuring a purple or a grey face.

The brand has truly come a long way, starting from a blank sheet of paper which independent Irish watchmaker Stephen McDonnel has drafted his designs with. With his vision, he has completely given a traditional horological complication with a fresh, new interpretation. The Perpetual Calendar, featured in the Legacy Machine, sports a stunning exclusive movement which has been developed from scratch to eliminate any drawbacks of the usual movement. Inside is a patent-pending mechanical processor with a fully integrated 581 geared caliber. It is not wrought out from any existing base movement or module. This fast-forward approach holistically interprets the breathtaking aesthetics of the perpetual calendar, putting the entire complication on display underneath a suspended balance. Thus, this new complication does more than indicating time with precision. It looks phenomenal.

MB&F has been on the pursuit of creating new ways out of traditional complications. The Perpetual Calendar is one of them. It calculates, with random complexity, the various numbers of each day in each month, including the tricky 29th of February every leap year. However, one noticeable drawback in this complication is the skipping of the date; the movement can produce errors while the date changes, and there is a compromise of modules by base movements that is adjusted for a particular timepiece.

But this fully-integrated Legacy Machine Perpetual promises to eliminate all those mishaps–no more jamming of gears or skipping of dates. It comes with an adjuster pusher that automatically deactivates during a calendar shift. This is true, especially in the 29 and 30 day months.

In this watch, the perpetual calendar complication turns by using a mechanical processor, rather than the usual space-consuming grand levier which has been used in most perpetual calendar watches. The new processor makes use of a default 28th-day month, adding extra days when required. Each month will always have the precise number of days—no skipping, no fast-forwarding. A quickset pusher is added for any adjustments during leap years.

The open dial reveals the stunning complication that automatically steals the spotlight. This technical twist showcases an eye-catching balance that is connected to the back's escapement by what is now probably the world's longest balance staff.