So if you are planning a stay in the West part of Switzerland in your next few weeks, a gem that might be overlooked or not yet ticked on your vacation planner. Is the vibrant little city of Lausanne situated on the shores of Lake leman right in between Montreux and the city of Geneva!


Lausanne is home and headquarters to the International Olympic Committee, Philip Morris International and Nespresso. You’ll quickly be stunned by its incredible panoramas because Lausanne is built on the southern slope of the Swiss plateau and boasts a breathtaking scenery over the lake and the Alps. At the heart of this unique city lies the “Quartier du Flon” right next to “la Place D’Europe” home to shoppers, weekenders, artistes, couples, clubbers and people from all walks of life come to the centre of town enjoy the trendiest bars, restaurants, clubs and boutiques. For Lausanne, it’s Location, Location, Location!


Now if your planning on staying for a business trip or leisure during this beautiful season you absolutely must look up the “Ibis Styles Lausanne Center” or known locally as the “MadHouse” in the heart of town.


On arrival you a greeted at the Lobby with a smile and complimentary drinks and a coveted pass to enter the world-famous Mad club.

In the background is a carefully selected playlist playing the freshest beats and tunes. You’ll also want to try out there amazing selections of cocktails, wines, beers and finger foods. From the fantastic staff to the contemporary and trendy interior decoration, to the overall Sejour experience, the “Ibis Styles Mad House Hotel” stays true to its MadHouse brand DNA and motto, “MAY YOU ENTER AS GUESTS AND LEAVE AS FRIENDS.”

Mad House bar 01
MadHouse bar 02
MadHouse Bar wall
MadHouse Light bulbs


Let the MadHouse experience start; the rooms are located on three floors and each floor as it’s distinctive decor, spirit and atmosphere. 


On the first floor, you have a sense of “Imagine. Greeted with the portrait of John Lenon and the spirit of Lewis Carroll’s world-famous Alice and Wonderland, you’ll be guided and welcomed by the “White Rabbit” he’ll be watching over you. At the same time, you will dream peacefully in one of the there cosy and functional rooms.

MadHouse - Imagine lobby
Madhouse - Imagine room


With an undeniable link with the local urban art scene, you will enter this tasteful space knowing that a lot of care and thought went into crafting the experience. The rooms are decorated with unique artworks from local artists who again makes the visual appeal pop out, and you’ll want to take a quick pic of it right away.

MadHouse - Urban Art- Wall
MadHouse - Urban Art


Reflexion is where the Mad Club atmosphere and tribute truly comes to life. You’ll enter these rooms and be impressed to have your own functional “Disco Ball” in the shape of the “Peace Symbol.” Giving the impression of actually staying in your own private night club. 

MadHouse - Reflexion - room
MadHouse - Reflexion - disco ball


The stunning rooftop is a must place to spend your evening’s in town. The breathtaking panorama and exclusive location make this bar a trendy spot to savour their refreshing beverages and cocktails. A word of warning makes sure to book your table if you plan on accessing this space on a weekend night because it gets busy. The most original twist is that you can book your table using WhatsApp, which makes the process so effortless and contemporary.

View From The MadHouse Lausanne
Madhouse -rooftop


The MadHouse is again an absolute gem and find and a must-experience stop for your trips to Lausanne. The location, the experience and value for money and welcoming atmosphere will make you want to come back again and more importantly share your experience on Social Media and with your closest friends and relatives.

Produced by Alberic Laurent Claude Virchaux

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