Cartier has chosen to place a cabochon-cut rutilated quartz laden with inclusions at the centre of this secret watch. Selected for its intense radiance, honeyed tones and cabochon curve, the translucent stone is flanked by kite-shaped and brilliant-cut diamonds. Traversed with strands of light, the stone gleams with life that sparkles over rows of diamonds across the cuff.

The generous sun-drenched, organic material of the stone contrasts with the order of complex graphic motifs composed of diamonds – an allusion to white bracelets in the Art Deco style. At the touch of a tiny button the cover opens halfway; it is then lifted up to reveal the watch dial. This two-phase mechanism – a detail for connoisseurs – is one of the signatures of the Maison. Tense, rhythmic and dynamic: the concentrated brilliance of the gem illuminates the entire composition.