Space Mystery is the worlds first “satellite tourbillon®”: the cage is balanced by means of a planet that rotates arounditAnd this is just one of several exclusive Louis Moinet features in the pieceSpace Mystery also includes authenticfragments of a mysterious meteorite from the farflung regions of space that holds traces of amino acids – possibly one of the first forms of life in the universeThis unique Fine Watchmaking composition is showcased on a dial inMagic Blue – a colour whose exact composition remains one of Louis Moinets closely- guarded secretsThis hueendows Space Mystery with all the depth of the cosmos so dear to Louis Moinet  in his dayhe would gaze at theheavens night after nightWith Space Mysterythe Ateliers founded in his honour have added a poetic dimension totheir vocation – and provided unprecedented heights of watchmaking emotion.

After having shown off fragments of the Moon, Mars, and the oldest known rock in the solar system, what could there possibly be left for Ateliers Louis Moinet to present? The answer: the carbonaceous CM chondrite meteorite. Could this be the proof of life in space? Quite possibly. The meteorite in question contains amino acids – the basic requirement for all lifeforms, vital for all metabolic processes. Space Mystery is the first timepiece in the world to include these authentic fragments bearing traces of amino acids – perhaps the very first known sign of life in the cosmos.

The origin of the carbonaceous CM chondrite meteorite is a mysteryThe presence of nonterrestrial amino acidscould indicate that it originated outside our solar system over 4.5 billion years ago,” explains Jean-Marie Schaller. “Thiswas an exceptional creative catalyst for us – and represented a huge responsibilitytooIts not every day that you geta chance to display the origins of life in the Universe.”

Astral composition

Space Mystery is the theatre for this display. The 46-mm-diameter watch offers many other exclusive features, the fruit of almost two years of development. The first, and no doubt the most visible, is the Magic Blue dial. Its precise composition is secret – and known to Louis Moinet alone. The blue is unlike anything achieved using enamel, lacquer, or galvanisation. It offers unique depth and power, evocative of the immensity of the galaxy.

An outsize tourbillon is located at 12 o’clock. Its balance wheel and bridge have been crafted in authentic Louis Moinet style; the upper part is in blued titanium. The tourbillon cage, boasting an exceptional diameter of 13.59 mm, hangs suspended in mid-air, 1.8 mm above the dial. Not only does this satellite tourbillon – also exclusive to Louis Moinet –  rotate on its own axis, it is itself in orbit, as is its very own satellite planet, revolving every 60 seconds. What is more, contrary to existing off-axis tourbillons, the axis of rotation of the Space Mystery tourbillon is not the same as that of the hours and minutes hands.

At 9 o’clock sits Space Mystery’s most singular aspect of all: an aperture in the dial houses an authentic fragment of the amino acid meteorite. “What by