Literary Rendezvous at Rue Cambon: Portrait of Ingeborg Bachmann — CHANEL and Literature

For the ninth edition of the Rendez-vous littéraires rue Cambon [Literary Rendezvous at Rue Cambon] dedicated to the poetess, writer and philosopher Ingeborg Bachmann, the House of CHANEL and ambassador and spokesperson for the House Charlotte Casiraghi invited actress and friend of the House Vicky Krieps and writer Cécile Ladjali.

Animated by literary historian Fanny Arama, this conversation about the life and work of the Austrian poetess evokes her way of writing and her determination to grasp the truth. Together, they also mention the film “Journey into the Desert” directed by Margarethe von Trotta, about the tormented relationship between Ingeborg Bachmann and writer Max Frisch. Vicky Krieps plays the leading role in the film.

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00:00 Introduction by Charlotte Casiraghi
01:14 Portrait of Ingeborg Bachmann by Charlotte Casiraghi
04:50 Reading of the poem “Invocation of the Great Bear”
07:02 Ingeborg Bachmann’s poetry according to Vicky Krieps
08:51 The notion of truth in the work of Ingeborg Bachmann
10:37 The power of language according to Ingeborg Bachmann
14:20 Ingeborg Bachmann’s relationship to literature
16:37 The blurring of gender and stereotypes
18:36 Vicky Krieps on the film “Journey into the Desert”
20:35 Reading of the poem “Bohemia Lies by the Sea”
22:34 Vicky Krieps’s reading impressions
23:34 The polysemy of poetry
24:16 Charlotte Casiraghi’s reading impressions
26:07 Ingeborg Bachmann’s relationship to clothing

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