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Jeff Gordon relies on NetJets for our high standard of excellence regarding private jet travel. This NASCAR® legend transitioned from whole aircraft ownership to NetJets for our unmatched service and ease of access.

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“I started racing in the NASCAR Cup Series back in 1993. That ease of travel was critical to the success for myself and the race team. I decided to get my own aircraft and that continued on for several years until I decided that it was time to align myself with NetJets. You know—the challenges of being an owner of your own aircraft: trying to maintain two pilots and their schedules, keeping them well rested. If one of them is sick, you have to have a third pilot, maybe even a fourth pilot on standby and keep them rated. The maintenance, the cost—of course—the insurance, the hangar space, there is maintenance to all those things. I just realized this is probably not long term for me. It was just getting too complicated, and honestly, that’s what NetJets has brought to me. NetJets has allowed us to have access to aircraft wherever we are. It’s pretty simple to book a flight. Top-notch aircraft with great pilots, with great maintenance. The logistics and ease of it has really been something that has brought a smile to my face about private aircraft.”
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