It was on July 2016 when the new Reverso model was unveiled in the artistic districts of Amsterdam. The emotional impact of this timekeeping spectacle has been the same ever since it was first launched into this world, 1931, to be exact. This undisputed style icon brings out the same wonderment, from one decade after another, and it is just right that it pays homage to the most creative minds in the history of the world. In this occasion, Jaeger LeCoultre aptly presents another gift, something which is perfectly in tune with the location—the Van Gogh Museum. Here, the second series of the Reverso à Eclipse watch is announced to reflect the brilliance of Vincent Van Gogh, where the watch features an enameled miniature of the Self Portrait As a Painter on the dial. This masterpiece, no doubt, is among Van Gogh's most famous paintings, and is one of the highlighted pieces in the Van Gogh Museum in the city of Amsterdam.

The idea for such remarkable collaboration between the prominent art museum and Jaeger LeCoultre has been borne out of the brand's Dutch boutique partner, Gassan. It has been their wish to create a timepiece which combines three powerful components: art, craftsmanship and heritage. All these came alive in this wearable tribute to the most famous of all Dutch painters, Vincent Van Gogh.

A Reverso à Eclipse was also meant to commemorate the 125th death anniversary of the artist. It featured a miniature painting of Van Gogh's iconic sunflowers. Similar to the previous version, the Reverso à Eclipse Self Portrait features an escape from time by pressing the shutter of the watch, where the face reveals the beautiful artistic creation of Van Gogh. The dial itself can be opened and close, thanks to a little wheel that provides the user such access. This mechanism is made possible due to the unique in-house caliber. The hand wound 849 movement is only 1.85mm thick and leaves enough room for the accurate revealing of time, as well as the interchanging canvass on the dial. This caliber is the same movement that powers the Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin Jubilee, which is among the thinnest mechanical watches in the world.

Such profound work can only be rare. The rectangular case is framed with a beautiful white gold and is packed with a 35-hour power reserve. This watch can be worn with a black alligator leather bracelet, and to complete such finery, only four pieces of this watch shall be made and will be sold exclusively through the Gassan boutique.