A prized treasure created by jeweler­ craftsmen, the Rendez­Vous Secret white gold watch is inspired by a Jaeger­LeCoultre model from the 1960s. The timepiece showcases the Maison's miniaturization skills behind the union of mother­of­pearl and precious gemstones.

Jewels for petals

Like a flower with white and pink petals, the watch’s cover is abloom in marquise­cut diamonds, pink sapphires, and brilliant­cut rubies. Two rows of brilliant­cut diamonds make up the bracelet that gracefully fits around the wearer’s wrist.

Hidden Time

A secret watch, it securely guards the mystery of time under its cover. The cover gently opens to give a glimpse of the time on the dial.

Ivy captures in mother-of-pearl

Ivy leaves are depicted on the dial, as though transfixed in mother­of­pearl. A symbol of eternal love, they transmit their shimmering reflections around the emblematic numerals of the Rendez­Vous line.