Jaeger-LeCoultre tops off its Rendez-Vous Ivy series with a powerful tourbillon complication with its latest offering. A fitting piece for the modern, romantic woman, the Rendez-Vous Ivy Tourbillion weighs in with the many bold attempts in recreating this engaging mechanism, only to hold back and produce a regal and whimsical approach to decor and embellishments. 

The timepiece is appropriately coloured in dark mauve, a lovely tone of effortless class and sophistication, with the hints of deep browns and reds as the brand, returns to its love of nature-inspired theme; more specifically, the ivy. 

It is the motif of the Royals. The leaf, shaped like a heart, captures the symbolism got passion and creativity. It is worn atop one's head, considered as a crown or a bearing of a scholar, a certain element that reminds one of fidelity, brilliance and taste. In this design, the ivy leaves can be seen blooming and flourishing upwards with sprawling branches.

 The motif is apparent on the dial; it surges from down up, unfolding into radiant swirls. At 6 o'clock is the tourbillon, in which the plant is rooted, and the edges of the stems make out the numbers 3, 9 and 12, as a harmonious burst of a bouquet. 

Showcasing of Jaeger LeCoultre's heart for Métiers Rares, and upon a personal look, you can view the entire Brocade radiant under the light, being lined with intricate guilloché techniques in the face.

It is a lovely addition to the art-deco influenced Rendez-Vous Ivy, and there is nothing like it. 

The tourbillon is a masterful piece found at the lower centre, recreating a mechanical magic upon every movement. It is enthralling to look at the golden-coloured aperture, where one can see the gears move into action, powered by Calibre 978, the brand's make. 

Surrounding the dial is a line of encrusted gems upon a white gold setting, which also includes the bezel, crown and lugs. The finishing touch is a matching plum coloured strap in satin, well-polished to match the finesse look of the timepiece.  


•    Calibre 978 manufacture automatic movement

•    45-hour Power Reserve

•    302 components with 33 jewels

•    39-mm diameter 

•    18-karat white gold case

•    Translucent enamel background

•    Diamond-embellished crown and lugs

•    Plum-coloured satin strap