In the year 2000, the J12 revolutionized the world of watchmaking. In black ceramic, it was crowned the first watch icon of the 21st century. At first black, then white in 2003, it is unalterable and almost as eternal as a diamond. It constantly renews the allure of a woman’s wrist, forever.

Chanel J12 20

For its 20th anniversary, the J12 wants to play. It takes twenty symbols and references from the Maison CHANEL: a 2.55 bag, a camellia, a bottle of N°5 perfume and even a tweed jacket.

J12 20 Enamel

It becomes the J12∙20. Punctuated with 12 diamonds, these polished rhodium-plated motifs are found on its bezel and dial. Sublime irreverence to sign the absolute freedom of this edition, limited to 2020 pieces, equipped with the caliber 12.1 and also available in an Haute Horlogerie enameled version, numbered and limited to 5 pieces.

J12.20 38mm