A little bit on history: the term chronograph, beautifully translated as "writer of time", denotes a nostalgic version of a timepiece in which the dial would turn, tracing a recording instrument that rests atop of it. It writes the movement of the clock, following the short and long strokes, and is very much the opposite of many highly advances clocks such as the tachographs, as used in most commercial vehicles as of today. Since then, the word "chronograph" has been used to refer to timepieces with a specific stopwatch function. However, if modern chronographs are limited to keeping score of time, the Portugieser Chronograph, as denoted by old, only wrote its own success. No doubt, for this item became a widely sought-after model since its arrival in the Portugieser collection in 1998.

No watch could ever turn back the hours to retell its greatness. However, the Portugieser Chronograph managed to somehow achieve that; it was the first Portugieser that did not only allow the proper reading of time, but it also was able to stop it. It beats at a frequency of 28,000vph, boasting of a movement so accurate that requires to be recorded on a high-precision calibrated scale that revolves around the dial. It takes in the precision of one-eighth of a second, an impressive precision too rare to be achieved.

The Portugieser Chronograph stars a generous 40.9 mm diameter, showcasing an understated design that makes it both elegant and sporty. Slender wrists can benefit from its highly proportional design, something which can suit both men and women without reservations. Everything is sandwiched accordingly in the well-organized dial, where you can see the embossed Arabic markings along with the delicate hours and minutes hands. The chronograph feature is accessed by the push buttons for stopping and resetting.

This delightful collection comes with a selection of 5 different designs, each brilliantly paired with cases, dials, hands and alligator straps that gives each item its own character. In delivers a striking contrast between an 18k red gold case and a slate colored dial with a black strap. The 18k red gold paired with a silver plated dial comes with a rich, chocolate brown strap. It features a small blue seconds hand and a steel case. A black and stainless steel combination delivers a rather industrial feel, while a blue solid tone showcases a sportier appearance. With this selection, one can choose a Portugieser Chronograph that matches their personality. Each is clad with a well-thought design and a solid watch movement only IWC can give.