The historic Pallweber pocket watches showed the hours and minutes in large numerals on rotating discs. Yet the innovative time display was ahead of its age: the watches were only a commercial success for a brief period before disappearing from the scene after a few years. To mark its anniversary, IWC is recognising the scale of this pioneering exploit by Schaffhausen’s watchmakers with the IWC Tribute to Pallweber Edition  “150 Years” (Ref. 5050).  As a reference to the design of the historic Pallweber watches and a tribute to F. A. Jones – the American watchmaker who founded IWC – the windows of the digital display are labelled as “Hours” and “Minutes”. A total of 25 watches will be made in platinum, 250 in red gold and 500 in stainless steel:


– Platinum, white dial with lacquered finish, blue display discs,  blued seconds hand  (Ref. IW505001)

– 18-carat red gold, white dial with lacquered finish, white display discs, blued seconds hand  (Ref. IW505002)

– Stainless  steel, blue dial with lacquered finish, white display discs,  rhodium- plated  seconds hand  (Ref. IW505003)