WATCHESPEDIA: Fabian Cancellara, thank you! It’s a real honor to meet a two times Olympic Gold medal champion; We’ve seen you a lot on TV, newspaper, everywhere, and it’s very nice to see you and how open you are.

Our first question is: what is your relation with time and can you tell us a story about your first watch or your first IWC watch?

FABIAN CANCELLARA: Time is really important to me because it’s not only important to be on time for travels, meetings or even personal stuff, it is also important in sport. In time trial, every detail counts, so I’m always on the move. It counts up to the millisecond especially, so you have to be “more than on time”; the battle is actually okay when you do that. There are other riders but you have to race against the clock because the clock matters a lot. If you look at a normal road race, the time is not so relevant. If you set 6 hours or 5 hours or 3 hours, it doesn’t matter. When I’m walking I always have a watch on my wrist. This is something that both men and women should have.

My relationship with IWC has been going on for many years now and actually it’s not just the partnership that I have. My wife got me an IWC for our 5th year anniversary. She went to a store in Bern and bought a Portugieser Automatic in rose gold. Even before that time it was my dream watch; this is what I love, a brand with a rich history and many different watches. It’s a long and proud relationship, not just one where I wear a watch and it’s all I’ve been able to relate to the brand for many years, with the fact that it’s something unique and I’m proud and happy to be with the family.

WATCHESPEDIA: As member or ambassador; you represent it well. The brand and you have similar values. How did you get in touch with IWC?

FABIAN CANCELLARA: I came in step by step and what I see now is the combination of the team effort. I look at IWC and I see it as a team and not just a company, that works, builds, and produces watches. I see a team that always looks for the next step and I also do so we share and pass on all the details. A watch cannot work if a single step isn’t put right, which is similar to the time trial so we both love the detail, history and stories about when something is coming and that’s also what I love so much about the edition that we just launched together. We have the same spirit and believe in this watch and that’s what makes this company great and what makes this watch even more special.

It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve started my collaboration with IWC and I know so many people in the company. It’s a big relationship and not only a partnership for me.

WATCHESPEDIA: The kind that grows together

FABIAN CANCELLARA: Yes, that’s right. I think it’s a special experience and I like it. As I go around the world, I check out stores and boutiques to see the watches they have and the kind of collections they have in the country. I realize it depends on the boutique and the location; they have different editions. So I like interacting with the people in the boutiques and the team at IWC.

WATCHESPEDIA: Okay, well thank you very much for taking the time for the interview. Congratulations again for what you did. You are very open and thank you for the interview.

FABIAN CANCELLARA:  You are welcome, no problem.