Inner Worlds | Kulapat Yantrasast

_The ‘Inner Worlds’ film series visits creatives in the places that inspire them_

Renowned for his groundbreaking architectural design methodology, Kulapat Yantrasast is the founder and creative force behind wHY, an interdisciplinary design practice with a global footprint. With a distinct focus on art spaces, wHY is behind notable projects including the renovation, redesign, and reconfiguration of The Michael C. Rockefeller Wing at The Met, the renovation of the Northwest Coast Hall at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and a renovation and addition to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

In this episode of ‘Inner Worlds’, we met with Yantrasast in his New York studio, adorned with a myriad of architectural models and a 1981 boxing ring by Masanori Umeda for the Memphis Group. Central to Yantrasast’s vision is the belief that strong spaces engage in meaningful conversations with art. Delving deeper, his philosophy underscores the capacity of art, design, and architecture to prompt contemplation on the very meaning of life. ‘Why do we live, and how do we take advantage of our time on Earth and contribute to culture or the ongoing history of mankind?’ he asks in the film. Through his designs, he also aims to empower, ‘I really want the architecture to allow people to flourish through their own curiosities.’

Director: Pablo Tapia-Pla
Producer: Image Partnership
Gaffer: Chris Harth
Sound: Tech Connor Chase

Creative Director: Bunny Kinney
Managing Director: Gavin Humphries
Commissioning Director: Katie Metcalfe
Producer: Noor Miah
Junior Video Editor: Daniel Tsao

Art Basel 
Executive Editor: Coline Milliard 
Senior Editor: Alicia Reuter 
Video Commissioner: Jeanne-Salomé Rochat 
Creative Producer: Akiel Gallina 

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