HYT unveils its first ever pocket watch, the Skull Pocket.

A new case, the first ever Skull and mechanical light source combination, exclusive finishes, and just 8 pieces available: the Skull Pocket marks a turning point in the development of HYT's fluid-based watchmaking technology.

“Our initial goal was to delight our collectors with a highly exclusive limited edition piece. But what ground have we not yet broken? The answer came immediately, and was so obvious that no-one would ever expect us to attempt it: our first pocket watch".

This statement from Vincent Perriard, co-founder of HYT, confirms the philosophy that the brand has always followed: inventing the watches of tomorrow, using the knowledge of today and the expertise of the past. The pocket watch, one of the most noble legacies of traditional watchmaking, has become a new playground and means of expression for HYT.

With the Skull Pocket, HYT proves that its fluid technology sits perfectly with all the lines of the traditional mechanical watch to bring these into the 21st century. This ability to take fine watchmaking far beyond its conventional horizons is one of the reasons why HYT has just joined the very exclusive circle of partner brands of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie.

Scaling up

The Skull Pocket is available in a very limited release of just 8 pieces. It is one of HYT's richest creations. For the first time, the light source module developed for its Metropolis model has been combined with a Skull.

This module has two LEDs positioned underneath the rider at 6 o'clock. The generator which activates them nestles between 4 and 5 o'clock. It operates using a dynamo: converting mechanical power into light energy. As it turns, the dynamo is charged. Pressure on this same push-piece activates the two LEDs which then bathe the Skull Pocket in a soft blue light.

The light lasts for five seconds, after which the mechanism needs to be reinitialised. No battery is needed for this process, which is fully mechanical. This development, which comprises no fewer than 82 components, was particularly elaborate due to its extreme miniaturisation, its curved shape, and the fact that nothing like it has ever been achieved in watchmaking before.

Haute couture exterior

The mechanism is housed in a case specially created for the Skull Pocket, created from titanium and black DLC titanium, and increased from 51 to 59 mm. The new case has been relieved of its superfluous lugs, which are unnecessary on a pocket watch.

In their place, HYT has developed an exclusive cover system to protect the dial. Articulated by a hinge at midday, it is triggered by the iconic rider at 6 o'clock, which has become one of the brand's aesthetic hallmarks. When pressed gently downwards, this rider releases the cover, unveiling the Skull Pocket dial. When closed, the cover boasts an engraved pattern specially designed for the piece, which can be customised and features leather inserts.

Underneath this cover, the HYT signature skull awaits. The green fluid travels around its circumference, meeting each side of the rider. For the first time, the skull is completely faceted, subtly reflecting the light in an echo of the Clous de Paris stud finish which surrounds it.

At night, the light emanates from this rider to the capillary, the colour of which reacts instantly to give a soft blue glow. The time can be read intuitively around the circumference of the skull, using indices with Arabic numerals filled with SuperLumi-Nova, completed by the seconds in the left eye and the power reserve in the right eye. The piece is attached to a titanium chain specially designed for the Skull Pocket. Its faceted structure, which alternates polished and satin finishes, was designed to evoke the aesthetic of the skull, in a tangible extension of its spirit.