Anyone who adores rock n' roll will surely be familiar with the name AxlRose. The founding member of Guns N' Roses, he is probably one of the most outstandingly revered rock artists in the past three decades. With a wide-ranged voice belting at the sound of the thundering music, Axl Rose has made his mark in rock history and has nothing left to prove; he has done it all. And now, one can have a piece of the legend with HYT Skull AxlRose.

There are many perfect reasons why AxlRose has chosen the luxury watch brand to create his namesake watch. Being provocatively unique and non-conformist, Axl has been found wearing the Skull model, especially during his AC/DC starrers, and the out of this world Not In This Lifetime world tour for Guns N' Roses. His favorite? The Skull Maori. But the people behind HYT decided to press on forward; after all, who else could be a perfect muse for a new watch?

It all started when Vincent Perriard, co-founder of the brand, has met with AxlRose in the backstage of an AC/DC performance in Bern. They hit off, right then and there. Axl has already known the brand with its rock n' roll vibe. There was no time wasted; a model was conceived, bearing the vocalist's very own spirit while it was being discussed. It was his own design, and HYT skillfully brings it to life with their own kind of genius and technical prowess.

The Skull AxlRose is a singular, custom model. Axl Rose preferred a skull base which, according to his preference, was given with a deep Damascus steel style treatment. It was then accentuated with a blue color in addition. And to add further accents, Axl has chosen the same tone for all the indexes on the Skull base. he two side plates were positioned at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock, both decorated with a Clous de Paris pattern and blue PVD finishing. Everything in this watch screams Rock n' Roll, even with the bold strap that featured blue top stitching.

But it doesn't end there. On the back of the watch, HYT pays tribute to this prominent rock icon by adding a Guns N' Roses logo. Beneath it is AxlRose's signature on the metallized caseback in sapphire. A perfect gift for any rock n' roll fan, this limited-edition series will be released on December 2016 and will only be available in 25 pieces.