HYT H1 Cigar: Opening A New World for Cigar & Watch Aficionados

It is true that in the world of high fashion, the more exclusive it is, the more it is deemed more valuable and luxurious. Catering to this notion of exclusivity as the indicator of luxury, HYT has come up with the first customized timepiece—the H1 Cigar. But for HYT’s CEO Vincent Perriard, it’s not just about exclusivity but even more so a matter of pushing the boundaries of innovation, saying, “All our creations are unique. And now they will be even more so.”

With the debut of this timepiece, HYT is taking a step further towards originality and creativity, honoring the customer by letting them choose an alchemy that truly appeals to them. The brand is also staying true to what the message they intend to convey with each timepiece: it is where emotion meets technology—making the HYT watch a genuinely rare and unique object.

Perhaps this is what real luxury is all about. Providing customers with a commemorative timepiece, that’s as personal as it gets, integrating elements with their emotional weight. True enough, you can never put a price on such a one-of-a-kind piece that’s intimately linked to the wearer.

Given this vision, HYT is not just merely a creating a new product but is rather opening up a whole new world for their customers through these customized timepieces. And with the H1 Cigar, aficionados will surely find it fascinating to have their favored cigar incorporated into this sophisticatedly contemporary watch. Say, for example, a customer chooses to adorn the watch with delicate Rodolfo Vitola cigar leaves. HYT would then combine such elements with “polyepoxide” resin, which would then convert it to the surrounding frame for the casing.

Of course with HYT’s continuous pursuit of innovation, it doesn’t stop with just cigars. The possibilities have become endless regarding the personal elements that can be infused into this timepiece. The actual mechanism behind this model shouldn’t also be disregarded with its mechanical hand-wound mechanism, known to be of particular HYT caliber. The titanium bronze material alongside the Brown Alligator leather strap also leads to a hint of vintage influence, making this timepiece a classic addition to stylish everyday ensembles.

The HYT H1 Cigar retails approximately at $52,500