HYT, the hydromechanical horologists, is now part of the very select group of 28 partner brands of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH).

For HYT, which has just celebrated its third anniversary, this represents a fresh endorsement of its innovative approach to 21st century watchmaking.

Today, HYT is proud to announce its admittance to the group of partner brands of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie (FHH).

By rewriting the Haute Horlogerie rulebook and boldly reinventing its traditions, without ever compromising on excellence, HYT has earned its place in Haute Horlogerie perimeter as defined by the Foundation.

The relationship between HYT and the FHH is set to flourish even further.

“We are delighted that the FHH has chosen to recognise our innovative, non-conformist and creative nature, a creativity which is still expressed within the strict framework of Haute Horlogerie”, explains Grégory Dourde, CEO of HYT. “In theory, integrating fluid technology in a mechanical watch was akin to trying to unite two opposing worlds.

However, we achieved it and today, HYT employs around 48 staff working on five permanent collections – about 400 pieces a year.

For the entire team, which has overcome so much, and for all of our customers, who have believed in us for the last five years, it is both an endorsement and an incentive to forge ahead in our quest to invent the watches of the future”.