We sometimes imagine them to be black. Or sometimes wearing a white sheet, sometimes misty and transparent. In the collective unconscious, ghosts are like the passing of time or the time we have remaining: elusive.

The H1 Ghost combines all these ideas. It has been designed around a new black fluid produced in-house by Preciflex, HYT’s sister company which is responsible for developing fluids for HYT. But this fluid is unlike any other; it is completely opaque. A first for HYT.

The passing of time… or the time we have remaining

This is not just an aesthetic challenge; an opaque fluid does not emit or reflect any light. This means that come night, it is invisible. However, so that the H1 Ghost can be read in the dark, HYT developed a unique use of Super-LumiNova: the material illuminates the capillary from underneath along its entire translucent stretch, beyond the black fluid.

In concrete terms, this means that in the dark, the H1 Ghost does not only display the elapsed time, but also the remaining time up to 6 o'clock. When it reaches this precise moment, the fluid performs its retrograde movement.

“Th is is a display method that has roots in the modern collective unconscious," explains Vincent Perriard, CEO of HYT. "For example, when downloading something, we look at the remaining time, and not the minutes or hours that have already passed. On the H1 Ghost, the time remaining before 6 o'clock is not insignificant. Whether it is 6 o'clock in the evening or the morning, it is the time remaining until a new day… or the beginning of the night."

Light emerges from the dark

The aesthetic features of the H1 Ghost play on this duality. Day and night, light and darkness are constantly in contrast. The black DLC titanium case presents alternating brushed, micro-blasted and satin-finished finishes, but their intense black only serves to better reflect the light.

These very dark, nocturnal tones highlight the white hour and minute indices and the white power reserve. Although in the minority, they are the most visible, dominating the black with their radiant white. The minute hand continues the fight: entirely black, it ends in a luminescent dot. And while the black fluid tirelessly pushes back its luminescent counterpart, only the light alone is capable of indicating the hour.

The H1 Ghost will only be released as a series of just 50 pieces.