HYT (THE HYDRO-MECHANICAL HOROLOGISTS) can be very proud of its achievements to date.

The independent Luxury Swiss watch brand can boast some impressive milestones in their repertoire for 2016 and can celebrate it’s determination and believes with real pride for their work. HYT is a highly disruptive player in an ever competitive world of Swiss Haute Horlogerie. Present this year at the SIHH in Geneva, Switzerland ( Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie) more precisely in the FHH (Fondation De La Haute Horlogerie ) dedicated “CARRÉ DES HORLOGERS” showcasing two brand new timepieces, the “H1 ICEBERG 2” and The “H2 Tradition”. 

What are unusual feats of achievement and a well-deserved recognition from collectors and fellow collaborators in the industry, always well essential ingredients of HYT’s success is definitely in their ability and know how, year after year coming up with a new way of mixing mechanical components and fluids in a futuristic and unique dazzling wrist watch? One could dare to say, Avant-garde next to a more conventional and classical, contemporary brands.

Another big achievement for any independent Swiss Luxury watch brand today is to be able to overcome with a dash of daring and to keep at all cost its brand identity. In the last three years of activity, HYT has been able to create three different collections in 69 sales points globally and still keeping its core values.

Seems like to good to be true, but when you are the new kid on the block with the hottest product in town, you are bound to get yourself heard around the world.

In regards to HYT watches, this second important milestone was achieved on the 4th of February 2016. What might you ask?

Since 2014 HYT has been bullish in developing a significant customer base in South East Asia opening a hub in Singapore. HYT has used Singapore as their headquarters! By doing so, they have put in place a sound strategy and an essential advantage to target with Swiss precision their principal markets.

The official HYT’s Boutique at the Starhill Gallery in Kuala Lumpur is the perfect environment for this disruptor to express its personality fully. Boasting a state of the art location on the Adorn floor, with a 365 square meters of blank canvas to show itself, we can only expect greatness coming from this new opportunity. 

HYT is sailing on the waves of success and do expect to see much more from this Non-Conformist.

Keep an eye open on this game changer because Baselworld is around to corner and you can only let your mind wonder as to what is coming up next. 

Have you seen their latest release the “H2 Tradition.”  

Click below on the video below and admire why HYT are world famous.