Everything started when Francesca and Marco Kuonen envisioned the passion of their father, Aldo. The Kunonens, lover of taste and pure aesthetes, naturally fell in love with the concept of a universal beauty: The Big Bang. Here, the inspiration was helmed from the beauty of snow-capped mountains, infused with the sparkling radiance of snowdrops and is highlighted with arabesque patterns. Of course, the ski company indulges in a more sporty look, bringing in an edgy skull right in the middle of the design.

It was a perfect opportunity for Francesca to contact another expert in order to make skis after the prestigious brand: Ricardo Guadalupe. Nine months later, at the first sight of snow, the Big Bang Sugar Skull was conceived in its limited edition, also, a new version. The design was wrought from black strips paired with cut floral Arabesques, colored bases and various poles. AK SKI, in this sense, has revolutionized winter sports by becoming the first brand to perpetuate rubber on its skis.

This same material is also part of Hublot's pioneering spirit. It is elastic, offering stretch and resistance, bringing together durability in high performance. Rubber somehow tied the two manufactures together, and this is where Hublot The Big Bang Sugar Skull comes in.

As winter arrives, Hublot takes over winter sports, opening its doors in the midst of the snowy landscape. Its boutiques, whether it is in Zermatt, Gstaad, Verbier, Courchevel or Aspen, offers the fine Swiss tradition held preciously by the brand. Zermatt, most especially, invokes a resort-like experience, as if letting you in a homegrown Chalet, preparing you for an adventurous escaped in the snow.

Hublot has created two Big Bang Sugar Skull versions. One, in blue cobalt, which features 50 watches that were machined into a deluxe 44-mm diameter case. Encased in matt black ceramic, an automatic winding chronograph movement was installed inside. One can see the emblematic skull illustrated in deep blue upon the skeleton dial. The motifs are engraved on the bezel and are embossed atop a calfskin strap, sewn on a rubber bracelet. You can find the skull gazing back as you watch the small second and minute counter chronograph on the dial.

On the other hand, the Big Bang Sugar Skull Hot Pink evokes a more feminine style, where it applies the silk organza embroidery by Bishoff's craftsmen from the Saint-Gall workshop. Floral arabesques sketch out a skull motif, overlaying the carbon fiber dial, the ceramic bezel and the rubber strap. Sheets of transparent resin were placed atop the fiber which gives the watch an illusion of depth and pure finesse to showcase the beauty of the movement. This 41-mm diameter watch shines with 12 black diamond indexes, and only 50 pieces of this version is available in the market.