Who wouldn't love New York? Here, tall skyscrapers tower upon one another. There is the lively honking of the cars, creating a lovely track of lights when viewed from above. In this concrete jungle, people are on the move, hustling and bustling in trying to make it big into the world. It is where dreams are made of, and there is no surprise why Hublot has chosen this well-loved city as its main feature for its tribute timepiece, the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Concrete Jungle.

It is what the description says: a concrete timepiece, first of its own in the designer's league, crafted with the hand of the visionary street artist Tristan Eaton. Nobody would have described New York other than someone who once live there; and in this opportunity, the famous mural artist scales down his work into an everlasting landmark that will be stamped inside this glorious timepiece.

In celebration of this collaboration, Hublot held a three-part event in downtown Manhattan where Eaton reveals the new watch design, and the story behind it.

This is another step forward for Hublot, known for its use of unusual materials. Concrete, a common yet sturdy material, is showcased in this new blend of contemporary art on the wrist. Eaton, in this project, executed the illustration through freehand spray paint on a large scale; no drafts. No sketches. Just straight on, confident work applied to a large-sized canvass. His work, featured in notable brands such as Nike and Google, has also been found in top cities and owns a permanent collection at no less than MOMA.

In this version of the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Concrete Jungle, Hublot has crafted a 45mm dial with concrete elements. The case showcases a microblasted black ceramic paired with a bezel of mixed concrete and epoxy resin. The bezel lugs are derived from black composite resin and the crown and other pushers are from black ceramic. The front design, raw and stark and intimidating, is a complete opposite to the back, which features Eaton's work: a colorful collage of the Statue of Liberty.

Inside, the watch beats with the HUB1155 self0winding skeleton chronograph with 207 parts, beating at a deft speed of 4Hz. 48-hours of power reserve gives the watch a boost. The entire chronograph creates a strong visual aesthetic in the dial, paired with silvery metal hands and indices. Users can wear the watch with a black rubber strap and textile duo, or a black rubber and gray calf leather strap combination. There will only be 50 of these watches sold in the market.