Passionate design, show-stopping colours, painstaking craftsmanship and a dash of Roman extravaganza: this is how dreams take shape at Bvlgari.

Step into the Bvlgari world and brace for surprise: for Holiday Season 2019 an enchanting journey to discover how dreams come true at the Roman Jeweller awaits.

The bold, inspiring beauty of Rome. The joyful colours of show-stopping gems. The unbridled vision of Italian Design. The skilled hands of expert craftsmen. And most of all, that touch of incomparable extravaganza – the crazily intense passion for life that makes every Bvlgari piece entirely unexpected. This is the secret that resides behind the Roman Jeweller’s creativity. And because there are countless preparations that light up the festive season with cheer and excitement, the nearly magical holiday campaign takes us behind the scenes, where every Bvlgari dream comes true. From the first sketch to a surprising wrapping, through the most inventive craftsmanship, every Bvlgari piece is a story of vision, excitement and know how. And certainly, of joy!

Bulgari Holiday Season 2019

The Roman Dream Maker

Once more Bvlgari celebrates its everlasting love affair with the Seventh Art, one that begun when countless Hollywood film productions moved to the so called “Roman dream factory”, the Cinecittà Studios. The world’s most glamorous women naturally fell in love with the city’s way of life, while Bvlgari took on a new role: the Roman dream maker. Looking into the Bvlgari world is like watching a movie: there is no shortage of pyrotechnics and special effects. For Holiday Season 2019, the Roman Maison turns about 330 boutique windows worldwide into the backstage of a movie set.

While light bulbs of the iconic vanity mirrors frame the showcased products, panels in gem inspired nuances are crossed by a geometrical pattern, evoking the spotlights dance on the red carpet. And to start dreaming, just shake one of the boule de neige scattered among the jewels: from a tiny clapperboard to a miniaturized director’s chair, through the iconic eight-pointed star up to the enchanted Condotti palace, the snowball glasses open the curtain on a spectacular world.

A Midwinter Night’s Dream


In step with the main theme of Bvlgari’s 2019 celebrations, the Holiday Season Digital Campaign will be all about dreaming: like a magical journey behind the scenes of the Roman Jeweller’s preparations for the festivities, it is an invitation to indulge in pure fun. To enjoy the moment. To set imagination free – the Bvlgari way.

And so it happens that the Bvlgari palace turns in the reign of possibilities, that Rome’s insatiable lust for life pervades the holiday spirit, or that on a night of unbridled celebrations, everyone dares to embrace the unexpected. Because this is the season to go beyond the ordinary.

Bulgari Holiday Season 2019

All That Glitters

To complement the campaign, Bvlgari will engineer massive LED-light instal­lations at its flagship stores around the world. The gigantic glowing Serpenti will once again return to the Tokyo Ginza Tower as an interactive installation that can be changed with an app. A brilliantly glowing sculpture of Serpenti will wrap the Londoner store of New Bond Street adding a touch of diamond sparkle to one of the city’s most glamorous spots, while a self standing Serpenti installation will light up the ION department store in Singapore with its merry resplendence.