Pure, limited, revealing lines are what inspires the symphonious construction of the Slim d’Hermès. Starting from the design of the case outline to the inscription of the numerals, this one of a kind collection sets the cadence for a longed-for comeback–a return to the basic beauty of the art of watchmaking. The Hermès manufacture collection opens its hands to welcome models that pay a curtsy to the leather crafting capability of the Maison. It has been noted by many significant celebrities, one of which is Philippe Delhotal, Creative Director of La Montre Hermès.

"The collection was born from encounters between the Maison, designers and artisans," Delhotal said. "The singular blend of contemporary and classic elegance embodied in Slim d’Hermès expresses the essence of Hermès."

But what, indeed, is the essence of Hermès? Perhaps it has something to do with brilliant graphic arts, merged with intense horological skills. Perhaps it is the manufacture's quest for meeting and mingling in perfect harmony—time and aesthetic genuineness. This is easily portrayed by the dial, the case and the impressively thin manufacture caliber, in which the in-house expertise is showcased without complacency. Just by gazing at the dial, one can view the understated lines in harmony with the slender case design, while the lugs are constructed in a unique, angular shape. This journey extends right into the direction of the spring bars which embraces the strap. As a result, one can only be in awe at the extreme simplicity, which is achieved by performing an extravagant study and rigorous discipline.

Philippe Apeloig was given the first opportunity to draw the typographic features of the watch collection. The font was deliciously light against the generous width of the dial. It was built around on fundamentals, as Apeloig mentioned, heeding his work as a similar craft to a musical stave which uses only seven notes. "I'm inspired by the human body in motion," he adds, "I explore volumes and rhythm through recurrent and overlapping motifs."

The result is stunning; the outline of the numerals only pays tribute to the natural design of the watch, free of any added elements whilst ensuring only the legibility of time. These markers, designed like fun geometrical shapes, are interestingly drawn within a single stroke. With a good view, one can spot these lines which represent silence in the hourly cadence.

Slim d’Hermès is gifted with the ultra-thin H1950 movement and a perpetual calendar, suiting both the men's and women's models. A newer 39.5 mm version is meant to ladies and comes with different strap colors of alligator leather bands in sapphire blue, geranium, cassis, elephant gray, or classic black, with versions set with white diamonds.