25 years old. An age of living life to its fullest. A season of maturity, as well as retaining the soul of being young. It is the intersection of youth and adulthood, the junction of having the best of both worlds without being looked down. The year where you are, perhaps, about a third from your lifetime, giving you the idea of which direction to take, while still being playful and adventurous in the road you have chosen. It is a merry celebration of life and its discoveries, without hindering you from the opportunities to come. How many people would love to stop time at this age!

Hermès Cape Cod lets you have the best of youthful elegance in its whimsical nature, without making it too innocent, or too naive to behold. It was hailed from a wild desire, a vision of which that a man who invented it has wrought out a square inside a chunky rectangle. Indeed, it was easier said than done, all until Henri d'Origny finally achieved it by taking his inspiration from the link Chaîne d’ancre . A free-spirited explorer, he achieved such feat because what he originally imagined, despite his greater hand at designing the beautiful silk scarves in the famed brand, put on display an aesthetic that will be recognized by the world.

The watch, regal and sophisticated, just like what you would expect from Hermès, has become a favorite piece. Its success has been further expanded as Martin Margiela's highlight for his first Hermès show back in 1998. Here, a double wrap strap has been attached to the watch, now known in our time as the Double Tour. Sales skyrocketed. Cape Cod, just a man's concept, has become an icon of its own right. Here, everyone felt a sense of kinship, both men and women, driven by the watches' sense of style and freedom.

It is just right, therefore, that Cape Cod should be relived, relished and reinterpreted as the times go by, including several new pieces in 2016 that takes it further than before. Here, the brand showcases a new gem-setting technique topped upon a mother of pearl dial. The men's model is now stylized in a cuff-style wristband, and new interchangeable straps, both single and double wrap-around, now comes in bright radiant colors. See it for yourself; here comes iris, Veronese Green, ultraviolet, electric blue and tomato red included. Other than that, there's a new white lacquered dial, furnished with contrasting burnishing and straps. These are paired for the contrasting colors: red for the white calfskin, and white for the red goatskin.

Last but not the least, fine stone dials appear as the main star of the show. Onyx features Art Deco and Bauhaus art movements, and the lapis lazuli, which is the perfect match for the ever growing series of Cape Cod.