#BornFromColors: HAUTLENCE offers a unique technicolor experience with the Vortex Gamma, placing chromatics at the very core of this exceptional creation. Featuring a new and exclusive vibrant case material that can take on any color or shade, the Vortex Gamma allows for an unprecedented bespoke experience and a truly personalized setting for the HL2.0 in-house movement.

Since 2004, HAUTLENCE has been revisiting the codes of traditional watchmaking, offering its very own display of – and approach to – time. The Neuchâtel brand is determined to remain on the cutting edge of innovation. Once again pushing boundaries, HAUTLENCE has chosen a revolutionary composite material borrowed from the automotive and aerospace industries. Charged with ceramic nanotube particles, the HLLightColor is endowed with properties identical to those a conventional watch industry metal, while being four times lighter than titanium. It is machined with the same precision and to within the same tolerances, thus enabling extremely complex finishing operations, such as those featured on the case of the Vortex Gamma with its alternating brushed, polished and bead-blasted surfaces. In addition to this remarkable technological appearance, this material opens up boundless aesthetic possibilities. The HLLightColor is body tinted and enables HAUTLENCE to play with the entire Pantone colour spectrum, to the delight of its clients, who are now able to order custom-made models.

In designing the case of the Vortex Gamma, composed of six three-dimensional sapphire crystals, HAUTLENCE has drawn inspiration from the TRON style, stemming from the eponymous sci-fi film directed by Steven Lisberger in 1982. Playing with visual effects showcasing luminescent shapes representing integrated circuits, TRON has given rise to an extremely graphic universe. Through this style and by placing colour in the spotlight, HAUTLENCE magnificently enhances the architectural lines of the Vortext case, accentuating them through a striking set of contrasting effects.

The minutes dial, made of almost completely transparent sapphire, offers a broad view of the HL2.0 caliber powering the Vortex Gamma. As the guiding thread of this model, colour also makes an appearance on the 12 links of the half-trailing hours chain, the key movement function. The mechanical automatic HL2.0 calibre is protected by three HAUTLENCE patents. The first concerns the half-trailing hours chain: every 60 seconds, the chain turns in three to four seconds, in a controlled and smooth manner that effectively avoids shocks and energy losses, while allowing time to admire the beauty of the movement and the mechanisms in action. The second patent relates to the regulating organ integrated into the mobile bridge movement. Its constantly changing position, driven by the display, compensates statistically for the effect of gravity, enhancing its precision.The third patent relates to the contribution of the movement’s two barrels. The second barrel, devoted exclusively to driving the complication, is continually rearmed by the main barrel, so as to ensure optimal energy with each hours change. This twin-barrel system makes it possible to power complex mechanisms independently and without influencing the timekeeping precision of the watch.

With the Vortex Gamma, HAUTLENCE delivers a high-tech, highly colourful watch with a high-end mechanical heart and a high-impact design.

A new chapter in the history of HAUTLENCE

Founded in 2004, HAUTLENCE –an anagram of Neuchâtel – pays tribute to the birthplace of horology. By bringing a new dynamic to the art of watchmaking, the brand has gained recognition among watch collectors and aficionados the world over.

To power its annual production of around 200 timepieces, HAUTLENCE has a portfolio proprietary calibres, conceived and developed in-house, and also works with external partners for the movements of certain collections. It currently offers 21 models, organised into four themed sub-collections: Atelier, Concept d’exception, Signature and Playground – the most recent line inspired by mechanical toys and launched in 2015.

On a strategic level, HAUTLENCE can count on the support of MELB Holding, an independent family-owned watch group that has made its experience and its network available to the brand since 2012 and is determined to develop synergies between HAUTLENCE and the group.

HAUTLENCE challenges the boundaries of traditional watchmaking, by associating its distinctive codes with innovative mechanical solutions along with an unlimited universe derived from various arts combining design, architecture and motion. The brand draws inspiration from these worlds in creating new approaches to time display, by enhancing the two fundamental dimensions of space and time. Firmly committed to an ever-evolving relationship with beauty, HAUTLENCE invents timepieces with unprecedented shapes and depths, while demonstrating complete respect for each stage and each actor in the production process.

“HORLOGERIE SUISSE” label, beyond Swiss Made

HAUTLENCE timepieces are created and produced in the Neuchâtel and Jura mountains of Switzerland, in the purest Swiss watchmaking tradition and carry the “Horlogerie Suisse” label. The components are produced externally by around 35 partners and suppliers, all located in the Neuchâtel and Jura region.