Disconnect, let go, let time take its course: that is what HAUTLENCE offering with its PINBALL model, from the Playground mechanical games collection, based on the iconic game from our childhood. Although it is impossible to keep time under control, HAUTLENCE makes the passage of time more pleasant, by diverting the timepiece from its primary mission while scrupulously adhering to the principle of watchmaking art, since the PINBALL movement comes with a built-in minute repeater mechanism. PINBALL lets you stop the mad rush of time, for a few minutes, to immerse yourself in the joy of play.

To support the Only Watch action, HAUTLENCE has created a unique piece, dubbed BALL-e. When the light goes out, BALL-e reveals its second face: the dial displays the head of a small robot, as a protective talisman in the darkness. With BALL-e, HAUTLENCE opens up the doors to a magic world, of which play is an essential part, reminding us how important it is to keep smiling, despite the ills life throws at us.