This luxury watchmaker is off to stop time. Through its Playground series, Hautlence offers a new chronometric highlight into the table, going beyond the original notion of time telling. In a fast-moving, increasingly connected world where everything has become available at the push of the button, the Playground series toys with the idea of absolute disconnection, by immersing one in a game that offers a pleasant feeling of laidback.

Labyrinth is the eldest model from this collection, a seemingly useless yet entirely important artifact. It is a game worn on the wrist: a portable maze that requires concentration and timing. It brings you back to the time where you as a child let your imagination run wild as you cut yourself from the grievances of the world. The game, inspired from Hautlence CEO Sandro Reginelli’s youth, is a wonderful reminder that even outdated games give off some sort of magic that may be what the modern world needs today.

A toy is not meant to tell time, but Hautlence’s DNA speaks nothing but the tick-tock of moments. This beautiful maze, intended to be worn on the wrist, is constructed from a tasteful aesthetic. The original style case in square-ish form features a brushed and polished titanium, extending up to 43.5mm. The ball that makes its way through the corners is either of 18k rose gold or white gold. The maze takes it cue from the ball colors itself.

If anyone should ask if there is a mechanical element to the Labyrinth, the answer is yes. Two small holes are punched from the dial, where the ball enters and exits. As one finishes the game successfully, the ball leaves the dial. One will have to use the crown to activate an impressive interior lift to bring it back.

In this busy world of hustle and bustle, Hautlence successfully delivers a way of stopping time, which is ironic, for the brand has been known to produce some of the best watches in the world. Labyrinth just tells one to lighten up, to take a break, to sit down and enjoy passive moments without being distracted by work or worries. As one wears this beautiful maze on his wrist, wrapped in a black alligator leather, he will submerge into the beauty of playing. This is the time when adults become children, and once again, enjoy the beauty of these offbeat toys, in highly-deluxe construction that is as serious as it gets.