Hautlence only debuted in 2004, but the brand’s prowess in contemporary Swiss watchmaking speedily gathered for them much acclaim. Since the birth of their iconic HL signature series, Hautlence presses on recreating stunning mechanical architecture outlaid within a timepiece of breath-taking aesthetics. Their newest gift for the stylish and the lux is HL 2.6, following the footsteps of its previous accolades in showcasing dynamic methods of displaying time.

What’s new in this feature—here is a three-dimensional dial that offers depth to the watch, forging in the imagery of lights and shadows for an extraordinary construction. It was built on two layers, with the lower dial, made of strong sapphire crystal, is accentuated with semi-translucent black areas. The upper area houses the hour and minute markers in pure white. Each digit is plated with 4N pink gold, matching perfectly with the supremely elegant red gold case.

Inside, the mechanism is powered by calibre HL2.0, the same engine lodged in 2.2. Retrograde minutes are shown on the 180-degree section of the dial, while the hours are featured on a twelve-linked chain, moving forward every 60 minutes. Before another hour slips through, the retrograde minute hand reverts to 0, activating another turn of the chain. It is a mesmerizing spectacle unlike no other complication; movements are structured three-dimensionally, with the regulating gear changing position for better time recording.

One important thing to note is that HL 2.6 contains two barrels. The main one is wound by the automatic-winding mechanism that juices up the second barrel, the latter of which is dedicated to driving the entire complication. Both are geared to ensure the hour’s precision. Another feature—the regulating gear which is nestled inside the mobile bridge, crafted to enhance accurate recording.

Known for “turning things upside down”, Hautlence definitely makes a mark with HL 2.6. The beautiful open-work watch sparkles with finely polished bridges, plates and organs, with a mark of “HORLOGERIE SUISSE” at the back of its case.


  • Hautlence HL2.0 in-house calibre movement
  • Double barrel
  • 552 components, 92 jewels
  • 40-hour Power Reserve
  • 5-ATM Water Resistance
  • 18,000 vph
  • 18k 5N red gold case
  • 3D scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass
  • 4N pink gold metallization with black metallized dial
  • Different choice of straps include black / brown alligator leather and rubber straps

This is a limited edition series, with only 28 pieces available on the market.