A watch can be made for romance. Timekeeping can be cold; whilst watches have been equipped by thoroughly complex mechanisms, numbers and measurements tend to lose the personal intimacy with which we wear time. The Rosebud Heart, a high-jewelry timepiece by Harry Winston, proposes otherwise. Its sensible, glamorous heart-shaped display no longer binds the wearer to just keeping track of time, but it also becomes a beautiful jewelry that can be worn as a necklace. This transformation of a timepiece has never been truly heartwarming as it is now.

Harry Winston has always characterized its watches with brilliant versatility. Ever since the company was established in 1932, its high end, jewelry timepieces were made to delight women, both in luxury as well as reliability. The Rosebud Heart, therefore, is nothing less of a stunner. Embedded with 86 brilliant cut diamonds into a deluxe, heart-shaped case, this timepiece focuses on romance and the outright declaration of love, perfect for the sentimental woman in-love with moments and memories.

The dial stars a stylized, white gold heart, beating with the radiance of 49 brilliant-cut diamonds traversed by the legendary arrow of the mythical Cupid. This is a lovely allusion to the idea of being lovestruck. The tips of the arrow is adorned with the Harry Winston signature style clustering technique, in which the gems are set to various angles to increase the volume and dimension, capturing the light in all angles.

Such remarkable landscape, formed in the shape of a curvy heart, allows the watch to be transformed from a dial on the wrist, to a gorgeous pendant. The diamond-set timepiece can be clipped off its black satin strap, allowing it to be worn according to your desires. This special strap comes with a gap in the middle which allows the white gold case to set itself upon your skin, just like a necklace that sits closely to your heart.

Easily made for romantics, there are two parallel satin straps, both united by the white gold buckle featuring 29 brilliant cut diamonds in the middle. The magical marriage of the two straps symbolizes the union of two bodies in one. Its dial, furnished with a natural mother-of-pearl surface, comes with a beaded finish and showcases the shaft od Cupid's arrow. It is set with 7 brilliant-cut diamonds. As the hands journey over the gems, it offers a faint poetry to the march of time. Inside, the Rosebud Heart throbs with a quartz movement. As an alternative to the white gold version, the watch also features a pear-cut diamond stylized watch with a ruby red arrow and alligator strap.