Luxury watchmaker Harry Winston unveils with pride its Emerald Collection, a stunning, new timepiece series that is derived, straight from the heart, of America's legendary "King of Diamonds", which has been considered as a contemporary classic. One can only be captured by the majestic design that stars an intense blue dial, embellished with shining drops of diamonds, and a distinctive shaped case. All of these, alluding to Mr. Winston's amazing legacy in watchmaking.

Perhaps the most arresting feature of the watch is its emerald-cut shape that invokes a more sophisticated profile lodged upon a white or rose gold case. This dazzling motif has been reinforced on the dial of this iconic design, topped with the Harry Winston logo, dabbed in gold, found at 12 o'clock.

Blue is a favorite color in Harry Winston, and the brand has been associated with it for a compelling reason. Being the owner of the world's most prominent treasury of important gemstones—ranking only second to the Royal House of Windsor—Harry Winston has always the keen eye for beauty, quality and best of all, rarity. This led him to obtain the mythical Hope diamond from one of America's elitist, Evalyn Walsh McLean.

The dark blue Hope Diamond is a rare, 45.52 carat beauty with a history as alluring as its amazing color. This particular gem was donated by Harry Winston to the Smithsonian Institution in 1958, allowing the public to take a glance at its emerald cut design. And today, this breathtaking beauty can be worn on the wrist, thanks to Harry Winston Emerald, bearing the same silhouette as the famous diamond, and perhaps, much more style.

One can distinctively see the aspects which was derived from Mr. Winston's Hope diamond. It is evident in the vibrant blue color of the dial as well as the strap, to which craftsmanship transports the wearer into the heart of the famous jeweler's world. This intense blue tone shines a dazzling gloss on its facade, added with the sparkle of three, magnanimous brilliant cut diamonds which are perched on the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock. The rest of the hardware: bezel, crown, lugs and buckle, have all been set with 67 brilliant cut diamonds, which all in all amounts to 0.53 carat.

This timepiece is showcased in a white gold with a blue lacquered dial. The other version showcases a more feminine hue, a rose gold with a snowy white sunburst dial. Both these models come with an exclusive double tour satin straps that matches the theme of the dial. Or perhaps, the user may choose white gold Milanese pliant bracelets to go with these classic designs.