Congratulations to the 50 year anniversary!

Hanhart’s brand new and strictly limited S-Series is dedicated to a very special anniversary: 50 years of Saab 105 at the Austrian Air Force.

Hanhart S Series

The design of the instrument watches is based on the cockpit clocks of the aircraft Saab 105, bringing a piece of history of the Austrian Air Force to the wrist of the wearer. The S 105 OE and S 105 OE GMT are based on the cockpit clock of the Saab 105 that is used by the Austrian Air Force and the SK 60 GMT is based on the clock of the Swedish model of the Saab 105, which is called SK 60.

Hanhart S Series

As with the entire Hanhart collection, the watchmakers focus on functionality, quality and contemporary aesthetics. Ever since, the company’s timepieces have been geared towards the following principles: maximum precision and reliability, perfect readability, simple and secure operation, and the greatest possible robustness.

Hanhart S Series

Unique details

Even with this limited special edition, precision, reliability, perfect readability by day and night and safe operation have the highest priority in the production.

A diameter of 40mm, the simple design and the yellow accents in the SK 60 GMT, stand out and make the Hanhart S series unique.