Staying true to our roots and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Hamilton introduces a new, supersized addition to the Khaki Field collection.

Since the 1940s, Hamilton has continued to produce the popular Khaki Field watches to supply soldiers with practical and robust watches in different sizes and with different functions. In 2018, the Hamilton designers are also using this functional collection to introduce innovative new technology.

While the supersized case and numerals make an impact on the outside, a brand new movement is doing the heavy lifting on the inside and making sure this watch won’t let you down. The H-50 handwinding caliber is exclusive to Hamilton and features a massive 80 hours of power reserve. 
The handwinding caliber is classic Hamilton when it comes to producing soldiers’ watches and this model ensures we’re staying true to our military roots. The extended power reserve is guaranteed to match you step for step on your adventures, just as the numerals keep on glowing.

At a huge 50mm, this watch explores a new way of using glowing material to ensure maximum readability soldiers can rely on. With pure Super-LumiNova® numerals anchored into the dial plate, the glow lasts twice the length of a standard glow. Each numeral is a full millimeter high, allowing the Super-LumiNova® to absorb light from all sides and guaranteeing a long-lasting luminescence.

The watch appears in three rough and ready military-inspired versions. The general rugged look and feel is underlined by a durable strap and some serious style credentials. The Stealth version is presented in full black; the Earth edition debuts a gray-green clay hue and the Steel edition has a matt sandblasted case.

With strong military heritage, a Hamilton innovation and a robust and rugged look, the Khaki Field Mechanical 50mm is guaranteed to make a statement.