The stage is set: Hamilton opens the curtains and turns the lights on for a Broadway-inspired timepiece. Taking front and center is its sentimental offering paired with a sporty urban flavor. Hamilton, known for its love for film, showcases its timekeeping prowess with a decidedly 21st century design, as showcased in the Baselworld 2016. It makes a gentlemanly curtsy and tips its hat to its American roots, conjuring up a theatrical spirit borne out of New York's famous show district.

It must be noted that this is not the brand's first venture into depicting some of the world's most famous district. Broadway, among its first true loves, was already featured in its portfolio as a series of pocket watches, initially released in the 1890s. The collection was known as Broadway Limited. Now, Hamilton takes its inspiration from the beautiful city skyline of New York city, creating a lavishly modern yet sporty timepiece.

In this edition, Hamilton blessed its newest series with a unique case design that features a construction made up of strong, powerful lines. New York's distinct architecture is conveyed through the clean and edgy black dial while sleek vertical lines make up the enthralling, upward bursting effect. The lines translate as the majestic urban spectacle while being reprised on the decorative ring, found below the bezel and crown. This unique illustration forms a leitmotif that gives off a unique personality for this model.

Unmistakable urban, the central line of the dial accentuates the entire construction, somewhat imitating the legendary New York street that runs between the many skyscrapers. The motif then takes its route all the way along the leather strap with a visible stitching, and is then echoed in the contrasting polish of the triple-row bracelet, by which it can be easily worn.

This representation continues forth; the raised outer ring also has that skyscraper style hands, paired with an applied index in order to create a visual depth and a tasteful contemporary interest. Each of the models also feature a red-edged seconds hand, which offers a bright accent against the entire theme. Legibility is taken into consideration, with the luminescent materials draped on the hands which makes it visible even in the dark.

Topping all models is the brand's signature twin-faceted lugs that comes with well-finished facets. These takes a light play between the diamond polished bezel that embraces the dial and the hands. Perfectly suited to active, urban young men, Hamilton's Broadway model showcases a degree of quality in terms of aesthetic and technical standards.