The Swiss Alp Watch on the Rocks is a bold statementevoking images of ice cubes cracking between the teethInthe manner of a highcalibre jewellerHMoser & Ciehas taken a creative approach for this timeless piecethe mostexquisite Swiss Alp Watch to dateThe dial is set with 232 baguettecut sapphireslike a screen where every pixel is asapphire and the sophisticatedergonomic rectangular case with elegantrounded corners is set with baguettecutdiamondsThis resolutely disconnected watchfeaturing a monochrome interface in a thousand shades of blueis apromise of time regainedtime for yourselffor friends and familywith no filter and no timeconsuming tools on yourwristAll with a power reserve of a minimum of 4 daysand fully rechargeable by hand.

The Swiss Alp Watch on the Rocks has a powerful aesthetic, and a timeless appeal. When working on this example of exceptional artistry, H. Moser & Cie. focused on the aesthetic of the square. In fact, the Swiss Alp Watch on the Rocks is completely paved in squares. The choice of a baguette cut for the sapphires and diamonds in this watch lends it an Art Deco air, emphasising the rectangular shape of the case, for an understated design which remains dynamic and modern. The Swiss Alp Watch on the Rocks is proud of its strong character. On the dial, the sapphires are set using an invisible technique, with the different shades blending to create a similar effect to the iconic H. Moser fumé dials. In a feat of technical ingenuity, the rounded sides of the case and crown are set with diamonds in beautiful invisible settings.

At the heart of the Swiss Alp Watch on the Rocks, the HMC 324 form movement beats with the rhythm of the balance wheel's rotations. One thing is certain: the Swiss Alp Watch on the Rocks will provoke intense emotions. It is sure to make an impact, and it will leave no-one unmoved.