Swiss luxury watchmaker is making waves with its iconic pieces, something which has molded the brand's identity and created its own cornerstone in the world of haute horlogerie. One of its boldest, most prominent designs is this year's release, the H.Moser Endeavour Dual Time Concept Limited Edition, which shines with an impressive minimalist outtake, yet not lacking anything when it comes to style. The design offers the same concept with its previous model, only coming out a bright set of three colors available only for a time.

The design is straightforward. In the dial, you only see three prominent hands. The red indicator shows the second time zone. Once home, it hides beneath the primary hour hand. Set the red hand as you travel, turning it forward or backward with an hour increment. Hovering above the six o’clock position is the date marker that points to the month, the same way as an hour marker points to the time. It is clean, yet complexed. This is a rather clever step away from last year's release, which  showcases a simple fume design, a power reserve indicator and a smart, small central arrow hand that points to the month.

Its minimalist beauty is phenomenal; something rarely seen and achieved in the cluttered GMT watches. Inside is a powerful in-house movement, the automatic caliber HMC345 which bears a 72-hour power reserve, and the brand's own Straumann balance spring clad with Breguet overcoil. Various designs are available for such a noteworthy watch, each radiant with its own simple glow and a black leather alligator strap to match it with.  One is the gray fume dial, which creates a burst of light effect from the middle, adding depths into the face despite of its minimalist charm. The other, a blue fume dial bearing the same visual lure.

At the back, one can peek through the old school, nostalgic charm of the movement, as seen through the sapphire crystal back. Here is where the brand gets less minimalistic; it works through the design with precision, such as the placement of an antimagnetic escapement with a gold escape wheel and lever. The sides are beautifully sculpted for better ergonomics. Such a contrasting detail between the minimalist front, and the extravagantly designed back.

Perhaps what Moser managed to achieve is the balance of function and imagination, giving the user enough space to recreate what could be in the shimmering face. Given this distinctive style, a great taste for design and a strong brand identity, this limited edition of the Endeavour Dual Time Concept bears the mark of an iconic watch collectors will truly love.