As the name suggests, Signature 1 is the first of its league. Luxury watchmaker Greubel Forsey has long mused with a question on how to indulge with both extreme sophistication and basic simplicity. The six-long journey, comprised of building up watchmakers and setting their creativity on fire, has resulted to a singular timepiece filled with elegance and straightforward design.

Signature 1 is an honest-to-goodness watch. At one glance, you can see a miniature dial and an open space for tourbillions, all wrought up by a large balance wheel. The Geneva stripes beneath the white face delivers a solid, industrial feel, while the colours blue and gold pops out from the black and silvery facade.

Known as a brand playing with mechanism for tourbillions, it is surprising that Greubel Forsey‘s approach returns to unadulterated aesthetics, baring complexities underneath a flawless canvass with pure courage. Stephen Forsey, one-half of the brand’s directors, relays that most luxury watches are now armed with powerful tourbillions, but are still utilizing similar construction. It is with this note that the brand decided to step away from the common and start from scratch.

The three-wound feature of the watch showcases intelligence in understanding placement, as well as a new approach in time telling. At a glance, users can uncover various functions without the need to trigger the pusher. Everything is nestled inside a clear sapphire crystal case and is strapped on with an alligator leather bracelet.


  • Manufacture movement, manually-wound
  • Three-hand feature
  • Exclusively designed Greubel Forsey balance wheel
  • Gold dial
  • Geneva-stripes aesthetic
  • Satin-finished and polished bridges
  • Black alligator leather strap

Greubel Forsey has now reached its first decade, and as a sort of giving-back to its patrons, it launches a cause which aids future watchmakers to embrace the practice of traditional watch making techniques. The cause is silently bred, developing potential artisans and giving them opportunities to showcase their ideas and designs. It is in this way, that the brand can help safeguard the future of such practices over the years.

Didier Cretin, part of the Greubel Forsey team, is the prominent name behind the first of the Signature pieces. This edition has only 33 pieces in gold and platinum versions. The same number is available for additional steel-cased pieces, all available for advance reservations.