Greubel Forsey pushes forward its premium horology piece; a unique item that features an exclusive movement with two oscillators viewable within a half-circle aperture by the dial. Their newest offering: The Double Balancier à Différentiel Constant, is the result of the watchmaker’s meticulous research. It is derived from the original Double Balancier, a limited edition series which first applied a unique construction with multiple tourbillions.

In the first make, the Double Balancier contains a balance wheel with a tilted orientation, reducing the possibilities of errors due to fall. The two balance wheels, other than its appealing clockwork, offers precise timekeeping with its harmonized rotation. But the Différentiel Constant speaks a subtler message; the presents an augmented architecture, taking away the necessary fuss and frills to produce a tasteful, minimalist aesthetic. The irregularly shaped opening was smoothened into a straight finish, swaying one’s focus on the amazing movement the sizable gap offers. Special functions, such as the chronometer, are placed strategically on smart areas on and beneath the half-crescent backdrop.

Layers of plates and bridges swing in three-dimension, showcasing the beauty and genius of the mechanism. The product only conveys Greubel Forsey‘s unique knock in mechanical architecture. It took the watchmaker years to finally unveil their contemporary haute horlogery with double inclined balance, sharply configured to improve precision of the chronometer.

The watch, handsomely fitting a modern man’s wrist, is perfect for avid collectors of Swiss watches with unsurpassed complications. Greubel Forsey for certain, will keep pushing the envelope forward, in developing unique precision luxury pieces for contemporary watch lovers.

Just like in the initial Double Balancier release, expect the brand’s attention to details, with a silvery dial, well-constructed lugs, polished background engraving and an 18 karat white gold case.


  • Manufacture movement
  • 72-hour Power Reserve
  • 3 Hz Frequency
  • Two oscillator features
  • Nickel silver frosted plates and bridges
  • 18 Karat white gold, sapphire crystal case
  • Superluminova tips
  • Black alligator leather strap

Horology lovers will love to hear that this exclusive series is comprised of only 33 pieces–the limited edition virtue of this watch makes it another perfect item for collectors. Greubel Forsey shares that this will be followed by other non-limited versions in the future.